(PHP 5 >= 5.4.6, PHP 7)

ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueConstantNameReturns the default value's constant name if default value is constant or null


public ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueConstantName ( void ) : string

Returns the default value's constant name of the parameter of a user-defined function or method, if default value is constant or null. If the parameter is not optional a ReflectionException will be thrown.


Ta funkcja nie posiada parametrów.

Zwracane wartości

Returns string on success or NULL on failure.


Przykład #1 Getting default values' constant names of function parameters

function foo($test$bar PHP_INT_MIN)
$test $bar;

$function = new ReflectionFunction('foo');

foreach (
$function->getParameters() as $param) {
'Name: ' $param->getName() . PHP_EOL;
    if (
$param->isOptional()) {
'Default value: ' $param->getDefaultValueConstantName() . PHP_EOL;

Powyższy przykład wyświetli:

Name: test

Name: bar
Default value: PHP_INT_MIN



Due to implementation details, it is not possible to get the default value of built-in functions or methods of built-in classes. Trying to do this will result a ReflectionException being thrown.

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