(PECL pdflib >= 2.0.0)

PDF_create_textflowCreate textflow object


int PDF_create_textflow ( resource $pdfdoc , string $text , string $optlist )

Preprocesses text for later formatting and creates a textflow object.

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14 years ago
Not much documentation except the latest Pdflib manual, but either way the textlen is not required.

I have this and it works for me:

$opts = "fontname={$this->font[0]->_name} fontsize=$font_size encoding=$font_encoding alignment=$align ";
if ($indent) {
   $opts .= "leftindent=$indent ";
$textflow = pdf_create_textflow($this->_pdf,$data,$opts);

I've been working with the pdflib v7 for 2 months now, and since there's virtually no documentation on anythign except their manual, I recommend reading it. It's pretty good and detailed.
Alexandre Lveill
14 years ago
I had trouble trouble adding the created textflow to the PDF. The create_textflow() method always returned 0 no matter how many textFlow I created until I added "textlen" to the optlist like this :

= strlen($infoJob['descriptionFac']);       
$optlist = "fontname=Helvetica textlen=".$length." fontsize=".$fontSize." encoding=winansi";

I don't know why, but apparently, in my case, textlen was a mandatory option...
michal at g-v dot cz
10 years ago
Textflow not supported in PDFlib Lite
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