(PECL pdflib >= 2.0.0)

PDF_create_actionCreate action for objects or events


int PDF_create_action ( resource $pdfdoc , string $type , string $optlist )

Creates an action which can be applied to various objects and events.

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joshivs at gmail dot com
17 years ago
Here is a  note i feel important for newbies

$url = PDF_create_action($p, "URI", "url=http://www.pdflib.com");

PDF_create_annotation ($p, 44, 100, 55,700, "Link", "linewidth=0 action {activate $url}");

Above  2 lines will change the hand
cursor once your cursor is in the rectangle as assigned by the
create_annotation command.  Once you click in that area, it will
bring you to the url in create_action command.
astanos dot ch
15 years ago
The equal sign is interpreted as a separator sign in the optlist. But there's a way to have an url with GET params.
With the example given below:

$url = PDF_create_action($p, "URI", "url {http://www.pdflib.com/?page=home}");

PDF_create_annotation ($p, 44, 100, 55,700, "Link", "linewidth=0 action {activate $url}");
15 years ago
I just want to point out that PDF_create_action does not work for URLs with GET parameters (has problems with '='). Running urlencode will just create a URL that is not translated properly by the browser (at least for Firefox

Believe it or not, your best bet is to use pdf_add_weblink(), which is supposedly deprecated.
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