(PECL pdflib >= 2.0.0)

PDF_begin_documentCreate new PDF file


int PDF_begin_document ( resource $pdfdoc , string $filename , string $optlist )

Creates a new PDF file subject to various options.

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walterdolce at gmail dot com
10 years ago
If you want a complete documentation on the entire PDFlib is it possible to download, read and study the reference .pdf file (and related) on [ http://www.pdflib.com/fileadmin/pdflib/pdf/manuals/PDFlib-7-API-reference.pdf ]

Note that this link points to a precise version of the library. You may want to check newer versions in the future on the same domain.
jk at buero-ix dot de
5 years ago
PDFlib is not under GNU GPL and has therefore to be bought, if you want it to use.
wheatin at gmail dot com
15 years ago
There doesn't seem to be much documentation on setting options with this function, but here's the format for setting some basic things:

$optlist = "destination={page=1 type=fixed zoom=1 top=100 left=50}";
PDF_begin_document($pdfdoc, $filename, $optlist );

the '=' character can be replaced with a space, but I think '=' makes the code more readable.
Also, you must include 'type=fixed' to use 'zoom','left', or 'top'. You can set 'page' without it, though.
Hope this helps. And if anybody knows a good reference for the options that can be set here and what the format is, please link.
daniel at objective-view dot de
15 years ago
Creating a PDF with a defined PDF-Version (1.6 in this case) works like this:

if (PDF_begin_document($p,  "", "compatibility 1.6") == 0) {
    die("Error: " . PDF_get_errmsg($p));
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