(PHP 4, PECL pdflib >= 1.0.0)

PDF_stringwidthReturn width of text


float PDF_stringwidth ( resource $p , string $text , int $font , float $fontsize )

Returns the width of text in an arbitrary font.

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smilingrasta FROM gmx dot net
18 years ago
With upgrading to PHP5, i had to switch to a newer version of pdflib (v6), where some functions slightly differ from the old version(v5).

The new parameters for this function are:
<?php float PDF_stringwidth(PDF *p, const char *text, int font, float size); ?>

pdf_stringwidth() does only take 2 parameters in the old version.
Now 5 parameters are required. As they aren't listed here, i thought i could do that :>

# first, we have to find the font, we are using
$fontID = pdf_findfont($pdf, 'Courier', 'host', 0);
# then we can call pdf_stringwidth                                                 
$width = pdf_stringwidth($pdf,$string, $fontID, $fontsize));

Maybe that helps someone out.
rross at mNoOoSnPsAoMfvega dot com
18 years ago
One thing I came across, and hope is useful to someone, is the following.
If you're looking to use the pdf_stringwidth() function, and expecting it to give you the proper results when trying to center or position the text, try to avoid using this line in your code:

    pdf_set_parameter($pdf, "textformat", "utf8");

I discovered (after much hair-pulling of what remains of my hair) that this line of code increases the amount of space between characters by roughly 100%.  Removing this line of code made the text on my generated PDF's significantly tighter and more appealing.
farzal at hotmail dot com
22 years ago
with font COURIER and fontsize of 12, you can print 10 CPI (Characters per inch) or 1 character every 7.2 points.

This means, on an A4 page of size (595,842), with a printable area of (451,662) after leaving 1" blank on each side, one can print 451/7.2 ~= 62 characters.

If one is building tables after quering databases, this is a way to figure out if you can print all your columns in a page, or if you need to use landscape, or if you need to reduce the font size.
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