(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5)

odbc_errorGet the last error code


string odbc_error ([ resource $connection_id ] )

Returns a six-digit ODBC state, or an empty string if there has been no errors.



Ідентифікатор з'єднання ODBC, для уточнень продивіться odbc_connect().

Значення, що повертаються

If connection_id is specified, the last state of that connection is returned, else the last state of any connection is returned.

This function returns meaningful value only if last odbc query failed (i.e. odbc_exec() returned FALSE).

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Sergio Sartori
20 years ago
Using IBM DB2 V7.1 and MS SQL Server 7 ODBC database connections.
Print the result of odbc_error() or odbc_errormsg() after each call to an odbc_ function that gives no error and, sooner or later, you'll get garbage instead of a blank string!
9 years ago
On persistent connections, a  failed T-SQL will allow odbc_error and odbc_errormsg to return the error, but a subsequent successful T-SQL will not clear the error.  Is it a bug?
aaronbair at hotmail dot com
21 years ago
If you use an argument, make sure its the CONNECTION_ID and not the RESULT_ID.

Testing the result can return a null string or sometimes a garbage string.

# -- Example code  --
$rs = odbc_exec($dbc, $sql);

#this is wrong but won't error out until
#you demo the page for a client!
  if (odbc_error($rs)) die(...);

#these work
  if (odbc_error()) die(...);
  if (odbc_error($dbc)) die(...);
sunil_limje at indiatimes dot com
20 years ago
I have use this function, its very simple and cute.
with IBM DB2
// you must set the connection first
if (odbc_error())
// if you want to show the perfect error message
         // then format it using string functions.
Have a good day!
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