(PHP >= 5.3.0, PECL phar >= 2.0.0)

PharData::convertToExecutableConvert a non-executable tar/zip archive to an executable phar archive


Phar PharData::convertToExecutable ([ int $format [, int $compression [, string $extension ]]] )


이 메쏘드가 Phar 객체에 작용하려면 php.ini 설정 phar.readonly0으로 설정해야 합니다. 그렇지 않으면, PharException이 발생합니다.

This method is used to convert a non-executable tar or zip archive to an executable phar archive. Any of the three executable file formats (phar, tar or zip) can be used, and whole-archive compression can also be performed.

If no changes are specified, this method throws a BadMethodCallException.

If successful, the method creates a new archive on disk and returns a Phar object. The old archive is not removed from disk, and should be done manually after the process has finished.



This should be one of Phar::PHAR, Phar::TAR, or Phar::ZIP. If set to NULL, the existing file format will be preserved.


This should be one of Phar::NONE for no whole-archive compression, Phar::GZ for zlib-based compression, and Phar::BZ2 for bzip-based compression.


This parameter is used to override the default file extension for a converted archive. Note that all zip- and tar-based phar archives must contain .phar in their file extension in order to be processed as a phar archive.

If converting to a phar-based archive, the default extensions are .phar, .phar.gz, or .phar.bz2 depending on the specified compression. For tar-based phar archives, the default extensions are .phar.tar, .phar.tar.gz, and .phar.tar.bz2. For zip-based phar archives, the default extension is


The method returns a Phar object on success and throws an exception on failure.


This method throws BadMethodCallException when unable to compress, an unknown compression method has been specified, the requested archive is buffering with Phar::startBuffering() and has not concluded with Phar::stopBuffering(), an UnexpectedValueException if write support is disabled, and a PharException if any problems are encountered during the phar creation process.


Example #1 A PharData::convertToExecutable() example

Using PharData::convertToExecutable():

try {
$tarphar = new PharData('myphar.tar');
// convert it to the phar file format
    // note that myphar.tar is *not* unlinked
$phar $tarphar->convertToExecutable(Phar::PHAR); // creates myphar.phar
// creates myphar.phar.tgz
$compressed $tarphar->convertToExecutable(Phar::TARPhar::GZ'.phar.tgz');
} catch (
Exception $e) {
// handle the error here


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9 years ago
It doesn't work

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'UnexpectedValueException' with message 'Cannot convert phar archive "C:/", unable to open entry "sub-directory/" contents: phar error: internal corruption of zip-based phar "C:/" (local header of file sub-directory/" does not match central directory)' in C:\xxxxxxxxxxx.php on line 5
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