The MongoGridFSException class

(PECL mongo >= 1.0.0)


Thrown when there are errors reading or writing files to or from the database.

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MongoGridFSException extends MongoException {

Error codes

MongoGridFSException error codes
Code Message Reason
3 Could not open file $filename Attempting to store an invalid file, such as directory
4 File $filename is too large: $filesize bytes Maximum filesize in GridFS is 4GB
5 could not find filehandle Resource doesn't have a filehandle
6 no file is associate with this filehandle Resource isn't a file resource
7 error setting up file: $filenames Could not open file for reading
9 error reading file $filenames Failed reading file
10 error reading filehandle Failed reading from a resource
11 could not find uploaded file %s Filename doesn't seem to be uploaded file
12 Couldn't find tmp_name in the $_FILES array. Are you sure the upload worked? Uploaded filename probably failed
13 tmp_name was not a string or an array Invalid filename given
14 couldn't find file size The length property is missing
15 Cannot find filename No filename provided, and no filename property set
16 could not open destination file %s Destination filename not writable
17 error reading chunk of file Chunk corruption
18 couldn't create a php_stream Couldn't create a stream resource
19 couldn't find property Chunk corruption
20 chunk number has wrong size (size) when the max is maxchunksize Chunk larger then expected
21 chunk has wrong format Chunk corruption

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