(PECL memcached >= 0.1.0)

Memcached::setMultiStore multiple items


public bool Memcached::setMulti ( array $items [, int $expiration ] )

Memcached::setMulti() is similar to Memcached::set(), but instead of a single key/value item, it works on multiple items specified in items. The expiration time applies to all the items at once.

Elenco dei parametri


Un array di chiavi/valori da salvare sul server.


La data di scadenza, il default รจ 0. Vedere Date di scadenza per ulteriori informazioni.

Valori restituiti

Restituisce TRUE in caso di successo, FALSE in caso di fallimento. Utilizzare Memcached:getResultCode() se necessario.


Example #1 Memcached::setMulti() example

= new Memcached();

$items = array(
'key1' => 'value1',
'key2' => 'value2',
'key3' => 'value3'
$m->setMulti($itemstime() + 300);

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

1 year ago
This is what the previous comment (fake set multi):
jooonic at googlemail dot com
3 years ago
Dont expect setmulti is faster then multiple SETs!
It doesn't use the setmulti lib function, it iterats over every key and send him alone.
I can't find any php implementation with setmulti support (needs support for memcached's binary protocol, remember php's "memcache"-extension only supports text-protocol).
Thats bad, not enought throughput to membase.
So i have to use redis instead, coz of its support for get/set multi.
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