Manuale PHP

Mehdi Achour
Friedhelm Betz
Antony Dovgal
Nuno Lopes
Hannes Magnusson
Georg Richter
Damien Seguy
Jakub Vrana
Edited By: Peter Cowburn
Edited By: Luca Perugini
Edited By: Simone Cortesi
Edited By: Marco Cucinato
Edited By: Darvin Andrioli
Tradotto con la collaborazione di:
Massimo Colombo
Marco De Nittis
Fabio Gandola
Sergio Marchesini
Alan D'Angelo
Giacomo Tesio
Marco Spisto
Gabriele Scaroni
Mariano Calandra
Rocco Curcio
Luca Costantino
Fernando Fusano
Andrea Paramithiotti
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6 months ago
Great info on PHP, helps greatly with ANY issues that have faced me, and i am sure that this site will continue to knock over any barriers that are built in front of me.
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