(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

stripcslashes Rimuove gli slash aggiunti con addcslashes()


stripcslashes(string $str): string

Rimuove i backslash da una stringa. Riconosce i caratteri C \n, \r ..., le rappresentazioni ottali e esadecimali.

Vedere anche addcslashes().

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6 years ago
stripcslashes does not simply skip the C-style escape sequences \a, \b, \f, \n, \r, \t and \v, but converts them to their actual meaning.

('\n') == "\n"; //true;

$str = "we are escaping \r\n"; //we are escaping

uramihsayibok, gmail, com
15 years ago
> stripcslashes('He\xallo') == 'He'."\n".'llo'
> stripcslashes('H\xaello') == 'H'.chr(0xAE).'llo'
> */
> You Can Use
> stripcslashes('H\xa0ello') == 'H'.chr(0xA0).'ello'
Correct. But not what (I think) you were trying to show.

> as xa0 = xa = chr(xA)
Not so correct.

Does 9==90? No, because that added zero *after* the number means something.
It's when you add a zero *before* the number does it not affect the value.

I'd like to assume that was a typo, but with the Internet as it is, who knows...
> You Can Use
> stripcslashes('H\x0aello') == 'H'.chr(0x0A).'ello'
jsmneo at dreamworkstudio dot net
15 years ago
you might want to do a double stripslashes to completely remove 3 consecutive slashes

$stripped = 'this is a string with three\\\ slashes';
$stripped = stripslahses($stripped);
would output:
'this is a string with three\ slashes'

$stripped = 'this is a string with three\\\ slashes';
$stripped = stripslahses(stripslashes($stripped));
would output:
'this is a string with three slashes'
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