(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

pg_select Seleziona delle tuple.


    resource $connessione,
    string $nome_tabella,
    array $array_assoc,
    int $opzioni = ?
): array

pg_select() seleziona le tuple specificate da array_assoc che ha la forma campo=>valore. Se la query ha successo, restituisce un array contenente tutte le tuple e i campi che corrispondono alla condizione specificata da array_assoc. Se opzioni è specificato, pg_convert() viene applicata ad array_assoc con le opzioni date.

Example #1 pg_select

= pg_connect ('dbname=foo');
// La riga seguente è sicura, dal momento che $_POST viene convertita automaticamente
$rec = pg_select($db, 'post_log', $_POST);
if (
$rec) {
"Record selezionati\n";
else {
"L'utente ha inviato dati errati\n";


Questa funzione è sperimentale.

Vedere anche pg_convert()

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

david dot tulloh at infaze dot com dot au
18 years ago
Valid options are PGSQL_DML_NO_CONV, PGSQL_DML_EXEC, PGSQL_DMP_ASYNC, PGSQL_DML_STRING (pulled out of source code).

This function does not support selecting from multiple tables.  You can get around this by setting the PGSQL_DML_NO_CONV option.  This prevents the error which occurs when the function tries to convert the condition array.

I think it is also important to point out that the table_name field is not safe, particularily with the PGSQL_DML_NO_CONV option.

The arguements array field is compulsory, as documented.  What isn't so clear is that the array has to actually have some values in it, you can't do a select all.

In summary, this function is good for a very small subset of basic queries.  If you are after anything more complex you are better off with pg_query.
wietse at cj2 dot nl
17 years ago
David mentioned that you can't do a Select all.
However, when executing this script:
= "dbname=mydb";
$db = pg_connect($conn_string);
$selectfields = array("imgid" => "");
$records = pg_select($db,"mmsfiles",$selectfields);
...I get this result:
    [0] => Array
            [imgid] => 1
            [file] => /home/wietse/public_html/mms/images/1.gif
            [thumb] =>
    [1] => Array
            [imgid] => 2
            [file] => /home/wietse/public_html/mms/images/2.gif
            [thumb] =>
    [2] => Array
            [imgid] => 3
            [file] => /home/wietse/public_html/mms/images/3.gif
            [thumb] =>
    [3] => Array
            [imgid] => 4
            [file] => /home/wietse/public_html/mms/images/4.gif
            [thumb] =>
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