PHP 5.6.0 released


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5)

ob_iconv_handlerConverte caratteri codificati come un output buffer handler


array ob_iconv_handler ( string $contents , int $status )

Converte la stringa codificata del parametro internal_encoding in output_encoding.

internal_encoding e output_encoding dovrebbero essere definite da iconv_set_encoding() o nel file di configurazione.

Example #1 Esempio di ob_iconv_handler():

ob_start("ob_iconv_handler"); // start output buffering

Vedere anche: iconv_get_encoding() e iconv_set_encoding().

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st33mann at gmx dot n3t
8 years ago
Just a quick note that may be helpful for some:
It seems to me that this function also modifies the HTTP Content-Type header that's sent to the client (at least in combination with the iconv_set_encoding() function).

If you specify an encoding ending with "//TRANSLIT" or "//IGNORE" (valid in iconv), it will still send the encoding name in the HTTP header. This makes it an invalid character set unfortunately.

For example:
will send a Content-Type header of "ISO-8859-1//TRANSLIT".
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