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(PECL mqseries >= 0.10.0)

mqseries_backMQSeries MQBACK


void mqseries_back ( resource $hconn , resource &$compCode , resource &$reason )

The mqseries_back() (MQBACK) call indicates to the queue manager that all the message gets and puts that have occurred since the last syncpoint are to be backed out. Messages put as part of a unit of work are deleted; messages retrieved as part of a unit of work are reinstated on the queue.

Using mqseries_back() only works in conjunction with mqseries_begin() and only function when connecting directly to a Queueu manager. Not via the mqclient interface.

Elenco dei parametri


Connection handle.

This handle represents the connection to the queue manager.


Completion code.


Reason code qualifying the compCode.

Valori restituiti

Nessun valore viene restituito.


Example #1 mqseries_back() example


    if (
$comp_code !== MQSERIES_MQCC_OK) {
printf("CompCode:%d Reason:%d Text:%s<br>\n"$comp_code$reasonmqseries_strerror($reason));



mqseries_back() will not function when using MQSeries Client to connect to a Queueu Manager.

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