(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

ftp_rawInvia un comando di qualsiasi tipo ad un server FTP


ftp_raw(resource $ftp_stream, string $command): array

Invia un command di qualsiasi tipo al server FTP. Restituisce la risposta del server sotto forma di un array di stringhe. ftp_raw() non esegue il parsing della stringa di risposta, ne' controlla se il comando e' stato eseguito correttamente.

Example #1 Utilizzo di ftp_raw() per collegarsi in modo manuale ad un server FTP.

= ftp_connect("ftp.example.com");

/* Equivalente a:
ftp_login($fp, "joeblow", "secret"); */
ftp_raw($fp, "USER joeblow");
ftp_raw($fp, "PASS secret");

Vedi anche: ftp_exec()

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nightwalker85 at gmail dot com
18 years ago
ftp_raw($ftpconn,"CLNT <client>");

Is a good way to let the ftp-server know which client it's dealing with. Guess this can be useful if you're making a homemade ftp-client. Only do this if the ftp-server has responded to FEAT command with a response including CLNT.
14 years ago
Note that the $command can not contains any illegal character such as \n, \r, \t, or this function will return NULL.

Try using the trim() before calling ftp_raw().

($connid, trim($command));
13 years ago
How to realize the possibility of transferring data from one FTP-server to another via FXP?

// ...

$ansver = ftp_raw($ftp_conn1, 'PASV');

if (
intval($ansver[0]) == 227) {
ftp_raw($ftp_conn2, 'PORT '.substr($ansver[0], $n = strpos($ansver[0], '(') + 1, strpos($m[0], ')', $n) - $n));
ftp_raw($ftp_conn1, 'STOR '.$filename); // need asynchronously (non-blocking)
ftp_raw($ftp_conn2, 'RETR '.$filename);
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