(PECL libevent >= 0.0.1)

event_setPrepare an event


event_set ( resource $event , mixed $fd , int $events , mixed $callback [, mixed $arg ] ) : bool

Prepares the event to be used in event_add(). The event is prepared to call the function specified by the callback on the events specified in parameter events, which is a set of the following flags: EV_TIMEOUT, EV_SIGNAL, EV_READ, EV_WRITE and EV_PERSIST.

If EV_SIGNAL bit is set in parameter events, the fd is interpreted as signal number.

After initializing the event, use event_base_set() to associate the event with its event base.

In case of matching event, these three arguments are passed to the callback function:


Signal number or resource indicating the stream.


A flag indicating the event. Consists of the following flags: EV_TIMEOUT, EV_SIGNAL, EV_READ, EV_WRITE and EV_PERSIST.


Optional parameter, previously passed to event_set() as arg.

Elenco dei parametri


Valid event resource.


Valid PHP stream resource. The stream must be castable to file descriptor, so you most likely won't be able to use any of filtered streams.


A set of flags indicating the desired event, can be EV_READ and/or EV_WRITE. The additional flag EV_PERSIST makes the event to persist until event_del() is called, otherwise the callback is invoked only once.


Callback function to be called when the matching event occurs.


Optional callback parameter.

Valori restituiti

event_set() returns TRUE on success or FALSE on error.

Log delle modifiche

Versione Descrizione
0.0.4 EV_SIGNAL support was added.
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jille at hexon dot cx
8 years ago
If you change your event with event_set() libevent will forget which base your event belongs to. You must call event_base_set() again *before* calling event_add() on it.
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