(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

convert_uuencode Codifica uuencode di una stringa


convert_uuencode(string $data): string

convert_uuencode() codifica una trsinga usando l'algoritmo uuencode.

L'algoritmo uuencode codifica tutte le stringhe (comprese quelle binarie) in caratteri stampabili, rendendole sicure per la trasmissione via rete. I dati così codificati hanno una dimensione del 35% superiore all'originale.

Example #1 Esempio di uso di convert_uuencode()

"test\ntext text\r\n";

Vedere anche convert_uudecode() e base64_encode().

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root at mantoru dot de
15 years ago
@Craig's note: base64_encode() is better suited for that. In fact, it produces smaller output and operates slightly faster. I did a little benchmark -- here are my findings:

File: JPG, 631614 bytes

== Base64 ==
execution time: 0.0039639472961426 secs
output length: 842152

== UUencode ==
execution time: 0.004105806350708 secs
output length: 870226
zash at zash dot se
14 years ago
note that using base64 or uuencode to store data in a database is pretty useless. if you properly escape your data and use a binary field (BLOB etc) there is no problem.
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