The Yaf_Response_Abstract class

(Yaf >=1.0.0)


Sommario della classe

class Yaf_Response_Abstract {
/* Constants */
const string DEFAULT_BODY = "content";
/* Proprietà */
protected $_header;
protected $_body;
protected $_sendheader;
/* Metodi */
public __construct()
public appendBody(string $content, string $key = ?): bool
public clearBody(string $key = ?): bool
public clearHeaders(): void
public getBody(string $key = ?): mixed
public getHeader(): void
public prependBody(string $content, string $key = ?): bool
public response(): void
protected setAllHeaders(): void
public setBody(string $content, string $key = ?): bool
public setHeader(string $name, string $value, bool $replace = ?): bool
public setRedirect(string $url): bool
private __toString(): string
public __destruct()





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