PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2 Released

从PHP 5.5.x 移植到 PHP 5.6.x

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PHP 5.6 中大多数的改善对旧项目没有影响。有一些 不兼容处新功能 需要 注意下,并且在正式布署升级后的项目前应该测试您的代码。

参见 PHP 版本迁移指南 5.0.x5.1.x5.2.x5.3.x5.4.x5.5.x

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stefan at sjoberga dot se
1 year ago
Watch out for the new default charset (selecting charset may not be anything you can do with your Internet service provider). Having a lot of old databases with latin1 encoding generates work with the upgrade.
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