(PHP 4, PHP 5 < 5.2.1)

ifx_affected_rowsGet number of rows affected by a query


ifx_affected_rows ( resource $result_id ) : int

Returns the number of rows affected by a query associated with result_id.

For inserts, updates and deletes the number is the real number (sqlerrd[2]) of affected rows. For selects it is an estimate (sqlerrd[0]). Don't rely on it. The database server can never return the actual number of rows that will be returned by a SELECT because it has not even begun fetching them at this stage (just after the "PREPARE" when the optimizer has determined the query plan).

Useful after ifx_prepare() to limit queries to reasonable result sets.



A valid result id returned by ifx_query() or ifx_prepare().


Returns the number of rows as an integer.


Example #1 Informix affected rows

ifx_prepare("select * from emp
                     where name like " 
if (! 
$rid) {
/* ... error ... */
$rowcount ifx_affected_rows($rid);
if (
$rowcount 1000) {
printf ("Too many rows in result set (%d)\n<br />"$rowcount);
    die (
"Please restrict your query<br />\n");


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