(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

COMPersistHelper::SaveToFileSave object to file


public COMPersistHelper::SaveToFile(?string $filename, bool $remember = true): bool

Saves a copy of the object to the specified file.


The name of the file to which to save the object.
Indicates whether the filename parameter is to be used as the current working file. If true, filename becomes the current file and the object is supposed to clear its dirty flag after the save. If false, this save operation is a "Save A Copy As ..." operation. In this case, the current file is unchanged and the object is not supposed to clear its dirty flag.


成功时返回 true, 或者在失败时返回 false


A com_exception is thrown if the associated object does not implement the COM interface IPersistFile, or when calling the IPersistFile::Save() method failed.


示例 #1 Basic COMPersistHelper::saveToFile() Usage

= new COM('Word.Application');
$doc = $word->Documents->Add();
$ph = new COMPersistHelper($doc);
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