Предвизначені Константи

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

The following opcodes are defined as constants by uopz:

ZEND_EXIT (integer)
Invoked by exit() and die(), recieves no arguments. Return boolean TRUE to exit, FALSE to continue
ZEND_NEW (integer)
Invoked by object construction, receives the class of object being created as the only argument
ZEND_THROW (integer)
Invoked by the throw construct, receives the class of exception being thrown as the only argument
Invoked upon composure, recieves the class the name of the class being fetched as the only argument
ZEND_ADD_TRAIT (integer)
Invoked upon composure, recieves the class the trait is being added to as the first argument, and the name of the trait as the second argument
Invoked upon composure, recieves the class the interface is being added to as the first argument, and the name of the interface as the second argument
Invoked by instanceof operator, recieves the object being verified as the first argument, and the name of the class which that object should be as the second argument

The following constants control the VM's behaviour after a user handler is invoked, be extremely careful!

Advance 1 opcode and continuue
Enter into new op_array without recursion
Return to calling op_array within the same executor
Dispatch to original opcode handler
Dispatch to a specific handler (OR'd with ZEND opcode constant)
Exit from executor (return from function)

The following modifiers are registered as constants by uopz

Mark function as public, the default
Mark function as protected
Mark function as private
Mark function as static
ZEND_ACC_FINAL (integer)
Mark function as final
Mark function as abstract
ZEND_ACC_CLASS (integer)
Dummy registered for consistency, the default kind of class entry
Mark class as interface
ZEND_ACC_TRAIT (integer)
Mark class as trait
ZEND_ACC_FETCH (integer)
Used for getting flags only

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ASchmidt at Anamera dot net
4 years ago
At least with uops 5.02 and PHP 7.2 (Win64), the constant ZEND_ACC_FETCH is not defined - while others are.

You can use:

if ( !defined( 'ZEND_ACC_FETCH' ) )
    define( 'ZEND_ACC_FETCH', PHP_INT_MAX );
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