(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)

SplFileObject::fpassthruOutput all remaining data on a file pointer


public int SplFileObject::fpassthru ( void )

Reads to EOF on the given file pointer from the current position and writes the results to the output buffer.

You may need to call SplFileObject::rewind() to reset the file pointer to the beginning of the file if you have already written data to the file.


В цієї функції немає параметрів.

Значення, що повертаються

Returns the number of characters read from handle and passed through to the output.


Приклад #1 SplFileObject::fpassthru() example


// Open the file in binary mode
$file = new SplFileObject("./img/ok.png""rb");

// Send the right headers
header("Content-Type: image/png");
header("Content-Length: " $file->getSize());

// Dump the picture and end script


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  • fpassthru() - Output all remaining data on a file pointer

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