(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)

SplFileObject::fgetsGets line from file


public string SplFileObject::fgets ( void )

Gets a line from the file.


В цієї функції немає параметрів.

Значення, що повертаються

Returns a string containing the next line from the file, or FALSE on error.


Throws a RuntimeException if the file cannot be read.


Приклад #1 SplFileObject::fgets() example

This example simply outputs the contents of file.txt line-by-line.

= new SplFileObject("file.txt");
while (!
$file->eof()) {

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Chris Johnson
5 years ago
Note that this method will cause a PHP fatal error if the file being read contains no recognizable line termination characters and is larger than the allowable memory size for PHP to allocate, i.e. memory_limit set in php.ini or similar.  In other words, PHP keeps reading until it finds a line termination, if it runs out of memory first, it will throw a fatal error.

This is different from the file resource fread() function, which allows an optional maximum length argument to be passed to limit this behavior.
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