(PECL sam >= 0.1.0)

SAMConnection::remove Remove a message from a queue.


SAMMessage SAMConnection::remove ( string $target [, array $properties ] )

Removes a message from a queue.



The identity of the queue from which to remove the message.


An optional associative array of properties describing other parameters to control the remove operation.

Property name Possible values
SAM_CORRELID This is the target correlation id string of the message. This would typically have been returned by a "send" request.
SAM_MESSAGEID This is the message id string of the message which is to be removed.

Значення, що повертаються

This method returns FALSE if an error occurs.


Приклад #1 Removing a message from a queue by message id

if (!$conn->remove('queue://receive/test', array(SAM_MESSAGEID => $messageId))) {
// The remove failed!
echo "Remove failed ($conn->errno$conn->error";

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