(PECL rar >= 2.0.0)

RarEntry::getStreamGet file handler for entry


public resource RarEntry::getStream ([ string $password ] )

Returns a file handler that supports read operations. This handler provides on-the-fly decompression for this entry.

The handler is not invalidated by calling rar_close().


The resulting stream has no integrity verification. In particular, file corruption and decryption with a wrong a key will not be detected. It is the programmer's responsability to use the entry's CRC to check for integrity, if he so wishes.



The password used to encrypt this entry. If the entry is not encrypted, this value will not be used and can be omitted. If this parameter is omitted and the entry is encrypted, the password given to rar_open(), if any, will be used. If a wrong password is given, either explicitly or implicitly via rar_open(), this method's resulting stream will produce wrong output. If no password is given and one is required, this method will fail and return FALSE. You can check whether an entry is encrypted with RarEntry::isEncrypted().

Значення, що повертаються

The file handler або FALSE в разі помилки.

Журнал Змін

Версія Опис
3.0.0 Support for RAR archives with repeated entry names is no longer defective.


Приклад #1 RarEntry::getStream() example


if (
$rar_file === false)
"Failed to open Rar archive");

$entry rar_entry_get($rar_file'Dir/file.txt');
if (
$entry === false)
"Failed to find such entry");

$stream $entry->getStream();
if (
$stream === false)
"Failed to obtain stream.");

rar_close($rar_file); //stream is independent from file

while (!feof($stream)) {
$buff fread($stream8192);
    if (
$buff !== false)
//fread error



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