PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.4 series


  • Release date: 08/2012
  • Motto/theme: Tweaking based on user feedback


  • Release date: 08/2012
  • Motto/theme: Tweaking based on user feedback

Bug fixes

  • Fixed build with PHP 5.5


  • Release date: 07/2012
  • Motto/theme: Tweaking based on user feedback

Feature changes

  • BC break: Renamed plugin configuration setting ini_file to config_file. In early versions the plugin configuration file used ini style. Back then the configuration setting was named accordingly. It has now been renamed to reflect the newer file format and to distinguish it from PHP's own ini file (configuration directives file).

  • Introduced new default charset setting server_charset to allow proper escaping before a connection is opened. This is most useful when using lazy connections, which are a default.

  • Introduced wait_for_gtid_timeout setting to throttle slave reads that need session consistency. If global transaction identifier are used and the service level is set to session consistency, the plugin tries to find up-to-date slaves. The slave status check is done by a SQL statement. If nothing else is set, the slave status is checked only one can the search for more up-to-date slaves continues immediately thereafter. Setting wait_for_gtid_timeout instructs the plugin to poll a slaves status for wait_for_gtid_timeout seconds if the first execution of the SQL statement has shown that the slave is not up-to-date yet. The poll will be done once per second. This way, the plugin will wait for slaves to catch up and throttle the client.

  • New failover strategy loop_before_master. By default the plugin does no failover. It is possible to enable automatic failover if a connection attempt fails. Upto version 1.3 only master strategy existed to failover to a master if a slave connection fails. loop_before_master is similar but tries all other slaves before attempting to connect to the master if a slave connection fails.

    The number of attempts can be limited using the max_retries option. Failed hosts can be remembered and skipped in load balancing for the rest of the web request. max_retries and remember_failed are considered experimental although decent stability is given. Syntax and semantics may change in the future without prior notice.

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