(PECL mongo >=1.1.0)

Mongo::getSlaveReturns the address being used by this for slaveOkay reads


public string Mongo::getSlave ( void )

This finds the address of the secondary currently being used for reads. It is a read-only method: it does not change anything about the internal state of the object.

When you create a connection to the database, the driver will not immediately decide on a secondary to use. Thus, after you connect, this function will return NULL even if there are secondaries available. When you first do a query with slaveOkay set, at that point the driver will choose a secondary for this connection. At that point, this function will return the chosen secondary.

See the query section of this manual for information on distributing reads to secondaries.


В цієї функції немає параметрів.

Значення, що повертаються

The address of the secondary this connection is using for reads.

This returns NULL if this is not connected to a replica set or not yet initialized.


Issues E_DEPRECATED warning

The returned results aren't really useful as the secondary selection process is done on each query and database command execution.

Журнал Змін

Версія Опис
1.2.11 Emits E_DEPRECATED when used.

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