Changes made to Windows support

Changes to the Windows releases:

  • The minimum Windows version is now Windows XP SP3; Windows 98, ME, 2000 and NT4 are no longer supported.
  • Windows binaries now target i586 and later. i386 and i486 are not supported.
  • There is now experimental support for x64 versions of PHP on Windows.
  • There is now compiler support for Visual C++ 9 (VC9), using Visual Studio 2008. Snapshots and releases will now also be available for VC9. Old binaries using VC6 are still supported and released in the line with VC9.
  • The PDO_OCI php_pdo_oci8.dll library (for use with Oracle version 8 client libraries) is no longer being built. Instead, use php_pdo_oci.dll (note no '8') with Oracle 10 or 11 client libraries. Connection to other database versions is still supported.
  • For the OCI8 extension, a new library php_oci8_11g.dll is available in addition to php_oci8.dll. Only one can be enabled at any time. Use php_oci8.dll with Oracle 10.2 client libraries. Use php_oci8_11g.dll with Oracle 11 or later client libraries. Connection to other database versions is still supported.

Windows support has been added for the following functions:

Other changes:

  • Improved portability of the stat(), touch(), filemtime(), filesize() functions, and other related functions (100% portable for the available data).
  • It is now possible to create hard links on Windows using the link() function, and symbolic links using the symlink() function. Hard links are available as of Windows 2000, and symbolic links as of Windows Vista.
  • The Windows version of PHP now exposes a set of constants prefixed PHP_WINDOWS_*. A list of these constants and their usage can be found at Предвизначені Константи.

Support for the ISAPI module has been dropped. Use the improved FastCGI SAPI module instead.

Зауваження: A new dedicated site for PHP on Windows is now available, including downloads, release candidates, and snapshots in various flavors (thread-safe/not-thread-safe, VC6/VC9, x86/x64). The URL of this site is »

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13 years ago
Due to the required getaddrinfo() function in Ws2_32.dll added to Windows XP SP2 and later.

The minimum Windows version is now Windows XP SP2; Windows XP SP1, 2000, 98, ME, and NT4 are no longer supported.

kevinpeno at gmail dot com
14 years ago
Fast CGI is available for IIS6. Reading the IIS website (which is more appropriate since it is server specific) yields plenty of results regarding PHP setup under the fastCGI module. They even have an entire domain associated with PHP.

Note: links were denied because they were supposedly spam? Everything you need to know is linked at the beginning of this site:
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