(PHP 5 < 5.4.0, PECL sqlite >= 1.0.0)

sqlite_last_error -- SQLiteDatabase::lastErrorReturns the error code of the last error for a database


int sqlite_last_error ( resource $dbhandle )

Об'єктно-орієнтований стиль (method):

public int SQLiteDatabase::lastError ( void )

Returns the error code from the last operation performed on dbhandle (the database handle), or 0 when no error occurred. A human readable description of the error code can be retrieved using sqlite_error_string().



The SQLite Database resource; returned from sqlite_open() when used procedurally. This parameter is not required when using the object-oriented method.

Значення, що повертаються

Returns an error code, or 0 if no error occurred.

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