(PHP 4, PHP 5)

posix_ctermidGet path name of controlling terminal


string posix_ctermid ( void )

Generates a string which is the pathname for the current controlling terminal for the process. On error this will set errno, which can be checked using posix_get_last_error()

Значення, що повертаються

Upon successful completion, returns string of the pathname to the current controlling terminal. Otherwise FALSE is returned and errno is set, which can be checked with posix_get_last_error().


Приклад #1 posix_ctermid() example

This example will display the path to the current TTY.

echo "I am running from ".posix_ctermid();

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phpmanual at remove dot mark dot griffin dot email
6 years ago
You can write directly to the tty (screen) even when the shell has redirected output, with:

= fopen(posix_ctermid(), "rb+");
fwrite($h, "Testing direct output\n");
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