(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5)

mysql_get_host_infoGet MySQL host info


This extension is deprecated as of PHP 5.5.0, and will be removed in the future. Instead, the MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extension should be used. See also MySQL: choosing an API guide and related FAQ for more information. Alternatives to this function include:


string mysql_get_host_info ([ resource $link_identifier = NULL ] )

Describes the type of connection in use for the connection, including the server host name.



The MySQL connection. If the link identifier is not specified, the last link opened by mysql_connect() is assumed. If no such link is found, it will try to create one as if mysql_connect() was called with no arguments. If no connection is found or established, an E_WARNING level error is generated.

Значення, що повертаються

Returns a string describing the type of MySQL connection in use for the connection або FALSE в разі помилки.


Приклад #1 mysql_get_host_info() example

if (!
$link) {
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());
printf("MySQL host info: %s\n"mysql_get_host_info());

Наведений вище приклад виведе щось подібне до:

MySQL host info: Localhost via UNIX socket

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