(PECL id3 >= 0.1)

id3_get_versionGet version of an ID3 tag


int id3_get_version ( string $filename )

id3_get_version() retrieves the version(s) of the ID3 tag(s) in the MP3 file.

If a file contains an ID3 v1.1 tag, it always contains a 1.0 tag, as version 1.1 is just an extension of 1.0.



The path to the MP3 file

Instead of a filename you may also pass a valid stream resource

Значення, що повертаються

Returns the version number of the ID3 tag of the file. As a tag can contain ID3 v1.x and v2.x tags, the return value of this function should be bitwise compared with the predefined constants ID3_V1_0, ID3_V1_1 and ID3_V2.


Приклад #1 id3_get_version() example

id3_get_version"path/to/example.mp3" );
if (
$version ID3_V1_0) {
"Contains a 1.x tag\n";
if (
$version ID3_V1_1) {
"Contains a 1.1 tag\n";
if (
$version ID3_V2) {
"Contains a 2.x tag\n";

Наведений вище приклад виведе щось подібне до:

Contains a 1.x tag
Contains a 1.1 tag

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