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ArithmeticError is thrown when an error occurs while performing mathematical operations. In PHP 7.0, these errors include attempting to perform a bitshift by a negative amount, and any call to intdiv() that would result in a value outside the possible bounds of an integer.

Короткий Огляд Класа

ArithmeticError extends Error {
/* Успадковані методи */
abstract public string Throwable::getMessage ( void )
abstract public int Throwable::getCode ( void )
abstract public string Throwable::getFile ( void )
abstract public int Throwable::getLine ( void )
abstract public array Throwable::getTrace ( void )
abstract public string Throwable::getTraceAsString ( void )
abstract public Throwable Throwable::getPrevious ( void )
abstract public string Throwable::__toString ( void )
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nima dot shirinzadeh at gmail dot com
1 year ago
the first example shifted by the positive number and the result is 4, but the second example shifted by the negative number and the result is ArithmeticError(this example is the same for left shift)

$number = 8;
$result $number >> $shif;
$result; //// 1000 >> 01000 = 4

$shif =-1;
$number = 8;
$result $number >> $shif;
////result is ArithmeticError
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