Pacific/Apia Pacific/Auckland Pacific/Bougainville Pacific/Chatham
Pacific/Chuuk Pacific/Easter Pacific/Efate Pacific/Fakaofo
Pacific/Fiji Pacific/Funafuti Pacific/Galapagos Pacific/Gambier
Pacific/Guadalcanal Pacific/Guam Pacific/Honolulu Pacific/Kanton
Pacific/Kiritimati Pacific/Kosrae Pacific/Kwajalein Pacific/Majuro
Pacific/Marquesas Pacific/Midway Pacific/Nauru Pacific/Niue
Pacific/Norfolk Pacific/Noumea Pacific/Pago_Pago Pacific/Palau
Pacific/Pitcairn Pacific/Pohnpei Pacific/Port_Moresby Pacific/Rarotonga
Pacific/Saipan Pacific/Tahiti Pacific/Tarawa Pacific/Tongatapu
Pacific/Wake Pacific/Wallis    
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Matthew dot MacHatton at gmail dot com
1 year ago
For those looking for US states/territories:

AS (American Samoa) => Pacific/Pago_Pago
FM (Federated States of Micronesia) => Pacific/Chuuk
GU (Guam) => Pacific/Guam
HI (Hawaii) => Pacific/Honolulu
MH (Marshall Islands) => Pacific/Majuro
MP (Northern Mariana Islands) => Pacific/Saipan
PW (Palau) => Pacific/Palau
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