Manualul PHP

Mehdi Achour
Friedhelm Betz
Antony Dovgal
Nuno Lopes
Hannes Magnusson
Georg Richter
Damien Seguy
Jakub Vrana
Edited By: Peter Cowburn
Traducerea în limba română:
Paul Dorneanu
Adrian Jurjică
Cristi Rădulescu
Valentin Tutu
Iulian Năstăsache
Daniel Toma
Dorel Năstasă
Dan Matornei
Rareș Benea
Valentin Agachi
Cristi Armeana
Adrian Spinei
Cristian Câmpean
Șerban Gheorghe Ghiță
Gabriel Preda
Simion Onea
Alexandru Szasz
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6 months ago
Great info on PHP, helps greatly with ANY issues that have faced me, and i am sure that this site will continue to knock over any barriers that are built in front of me.
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