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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

posix_geteuidReturn the effective user ID of the current process


int posix_geteuid ( void )

Return the numeric effective user ID of the current process. See also posix_getpwuid() for information on how to convert this into a useable username.

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Returns the user id, as an integer


Example #1 posix_geteuid() example

This example will show the current user id then set the effective user id to a separate id using posix_seteuid(), then show the difference between the real id and the effective id.

echo posix_getuid()."\n"//10001
echo posix_geteuid()."\n"//10001
echo posix_geteuid()."\n"//10000

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nospam at nospam dot com
1 year ago
This function is NOT availalbe under Windows. The manual should include a note on that.
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