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Para usar xattr, você precisará ter a biblioteca libattr instalada no seu sistema. Ela está disponível em »


Essas funções só funcionarão em sistemas de arquivos que suportam atributos extendidos, e os quais tenham esses atributos habilitados no momento da montagem. Alguns sistemas de arquivos que suportam atributos extendidos são ext2, ext3, reiserfs, jfs, e xfs.

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sven _ oostenbrink atserver yahoo dot co
7 years ago
An important thing to realize, if you wish to use xattr, you need a filesystem that has extended attributes functionalty and also has those enabled! I lost quite a bit of time with puzzling why xattr was not working with my ext4 system, until I found that the extended attributes, by default, are not enabled.

Adding user_xattr to the mounting configuration of the filesystem where I was working fixed the problem

/dev/sdb2    /home               ext4    relatime,user_xattr        0       2
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