Para escrever código que não sofrerá problemas no futuro, é recomendado prefixar (ou sufixar) qualquer coisa que vá para o escopo global que um prefixo incomum de 3 a 4 letras, separados por um sublinhado (_), É recomendado que, para evitar conflitos com outros códigos existentes, o projeto pesquise prefixos existentes (ou sufixos) usados em outros projetos e anuciem o prefixo (ou sufixo) escolhido adequadamente. Exemplos:

  • MyPx_someFunc()

  • Foo_Date

  • $asdf_dbh

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willian at gt44 dot com
1 year ago
I don't think it makes sense nowadays. We have namespaces now!
earnie at users dot sourceforge dot net
10 months ago
@willian at gt44 dot com: What about clashes of the namespace?  It is still good advice to check for previously used names before assigning anything to the global namespace.
kanone at rogers dot com
6 months ago
The javascript community has developed a strong cultural bias against adding anything to the global namespace.  (See e.g. Addy Osmani's article on Essential JavaScript Namespacing Patterns .)  Namespaces have been available in JS for many years and are ubiquitous.  There is also a great deal of freely available tutorial material for the interested reader.
mestresan AT gmail DOT com
3 months ago
Even though nowadays we do have namespaces, for the cases in which the user chooses to not use namespaces theses tips should be followed.
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