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(PHP 5, PHP 7)

stream_get_wrappersRetrieve list of registered streams


array stream_get_wrappers ( void )

Retrieve list of registered streams available on the running system.

Valor Retornado

Returns an indexed array containing the name of all stream wrappers available on the running system.


Exemplo #1 stream_get_wrappers() example


O exemplo acima irá imprimir algo similar à:

    [0] => php
    [1] => file
    [2] => http
    [3] => ftp
    [4] => compress.bzip2
    [5] => compress.zlib

Exemplo #2 Checking for the existence of a stream wrapper

// check for the existence of the bzip2 stream wrapper
if (in_array('compress.bzip2'stream_get_wrappers())) {
'compress.bzip2:// support enabled.';
} else {
'compress.bzip2:// support not enabled.';

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