(PECL ingres >= 2.1.0)

ingres_result_seekSet the row position before fetching data


ingres_result_seek ( resource $result , int $position ) : bool

This function is used to position the cursor associated with the result resource before issuing a fetch. If ingres.array_index_start is set to 0 then the first row is 0 else it is 1. ingres_result_seek() can be used only with queries that make use of scrollable cursors. It cannot be used with ingres_unbuffered_query().

Nota: Related Configurations

See also the ingres.scrollable and ingres.array_index_start directives in Runtime Configuration.



The result identifier for a query


The row to position the cursor on. If ingres.array_index_start is set to 0, then the first row is 0, else it is 1

Valor Retornado

Retorna true em caso de sucesso ou false em caso de falha.


Exemplo #1 Position the cursor on the 3rd row


=ingres_query($link"select * from airport where ap_ccode = 'ES' order by ap_place asc");

/* goto row 3 */
if (!ingres_result_seek($result3))
ingres_errno() . " - " ingres_error "\n";
"i died");
$airport ingres_fetch_object ($result);
$airport->ap_iatacode " - " .  $airport->ap_name "\n";



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