PHP 5.6.16 is available


(PECL pecl_http >= 0.1.0)

http_cache_etagCaching by ETag


bool http_cache_etag ([ string $etag ] )

Attempts to cache the sent entity by its ETag, either supplied or generated by the hash algorithm specified by the configuração INI http.etag.mode.

If the clients If-None-Match header matches the supplied/calculated ETag, the body is considered cached on the clients side and a 304 Not Modified status code is issued.

A log entry is written to the cache log if the configuração INI http.log.cache is set and the cache attempt was successful.

Nota: Esta função pode ser utilizada em conjunção com http_send_data(), http_send_file() e http_send_stream().

If this function is used outside the http_send_*() API, it facilitates the ob_etaghandler().



custom ETag

Valor Retornado

Retorna FALSE ou exits no sucesso with 304 Not Modified if the entity is cached. Veja o tópico configuração INI http.force_exit para o que "exit" significa.


Exemplo #1 A http_cache_etag() example


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