The DOMImplementation class

(PHP 5)


The DOMImplementation interface provides a number of methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instance of the document object model.

Sinopse da classe

DOMImplementation {
/* Propriedades */
/* Métodos */
__construct ( void )
public DOMDocument createDocument ([ string $namespaceURI = NULL [, string $qualifiedName = NULL [, DOMDocumentType $doctype = NULL ]]] )
public DOMDocumentType createDocumentType ([ string $qualifiedName = NULL [, string $publicId = NULL [, string $systemId = NULL ]]] )
public bool hasFeature ( string $feature , string $version )


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giorgio dot liscio at email dot it
4 years ago
officially, the w3 specifies that the way to access dom interfaces is through this class

so if you use

$doc = new DOMDocument("1.0", "UTF-8");

use instead:

$x = new DOMImplementation();
$doc = $x->createDocument(NULL,"rootElementName");

it is not required by php's implementation, but, probably, it is a good practice

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