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(PECL cairo >= 0.1.0)

CairoContext::fillPreserve -- cairo_fill_preserveFills and preserve the current path


Estilo orientado à objeto (method):

public void CairoContext::fillPreserve ( void )

Estilo procedural:

void cairo_fill_preserve ( CairoContext $context )

A drawing operator that fills the current path according to the current CairoFillRule, (each sub-path is implicitly closed before being filled). Unlike CairoContext::fill(), CairoContext::fillPreserve() (Procedural cairo_fill(), cairo_fill_preserve(), respectively) preserves the path within the Context.



A valid CairoContext object created with CairoContext::__construct() or cairo_create()

Valor Retornado

Não há valor retornado.


Exemplo #1 Estilo orientado à objeto

/* ... */

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Exemplo #2 Estilo procedural

/* ... */

O exemplo acima irá imprimir algo similar à:


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