Stałe predefiniowane

Poniższe stałe są zdefiniowane w tym rozszerzeniu i stają się dostępne, gdy rozszerzenie jest dokompilowane z PHP, lub załadowane dynamicznie przy starcie.

ZipArchive uses class constants. There are three types of constants : Flags (prefixed with FL_), errors (prefixed with ER_) and mode (no prefix).

ZipArchive::CREATE (integer)
Create the archive if it does not exist.
ZipArchive::OVERWRITE (integer)
If archive exists, ignore its current contents. In other words, handle it the same way as an empty archive.
ZipArchive::EXCL (integer)
Error if archive already exists.
ZipArchive::CHECKCONS (integer)
Perform additional consistency checks on the archive, and error if they fail.
ZipArchive::FL_NOCASE (integer)
Ignore case on name lookup
ZipArchive::FL_NODIR (integer)
Ignore directory component
ZipArchive::FL_COMPRESSED (integer)
Read compressed data
ZipArchive::FL_UNCHANGED (integer)
Use original data, ignoring changes.
ZipArchive::FL_ENC_GUESS (integer)
Guess string encoding (is default). Available as of PHP 7.0.8.
ZipArchive::FL_ENC_RAW (integer)
Get unmodified string. Available as of PHP 7.0.8.
ZipArchive::FL_ENC_STRICT (integer)
Follow specification strictly. Available as of PHP 7.0.8.
ZipArchive::FL_ENC_UTF_8 (integer)
String is UTF-8 encoded. Available as of PHP 7.0.8.
ZipArchive::FL_ENC_CP437 (integer)
String is CP437 encoded. Available as of PHP 7.0.8.
ZipArchive::CM_DEFAULT (integer)
better of deflate or store.
ZipArchive::CM_STORE (integer)
stored (uncompressed).
ZipArchive::CM_SHRINK (integer)
ZipArchive::CM_REDUCE_1 (integer)
reduced with factor 1
ZipArchive::CM_REDUCE_2 (integer)
reduced with factor 2
ZipArchive::CM_REDUCE_3 (integer)
reduced with factor 3
ZipArchive::CM_REDUCE_4 (integer)
reduced with factor 4
ZipArchive::CM_IMPLODE (integer)
ZipArchive::CM_DEFLATE (integer)
ZipArchive::CM_DEFLATE64 (integer)
ZipArchive::CM_PKWARE_IMPLODE (integer)
PKWARE imploding
ZipArchive::CM_BZIP2 (integer)
BZIP2 algorithm
ZipArchive::ER_OK (integer)
No error.
ZipArchive::ER_MULTIDISK (integer)
Multi-disk zip archives not supported.
ZipArchive::ER_RENAME (integer)
Renaming temporary file failed.
ZipArchive::ER_CLOSE (integer)
Closing zip archive failed
ZipArchive::ER_SEEK (integer)
Seek error
ZipArchive::ER_READ (integer)
Read error
ZipArchive::ER_WRITE (integer)
Write error
ZipArchive::ER_CRC (integer)
CRC error
ZipArchive::ER_ZIPCLOSED (integer)
Containing zip archive was closed
ZipArchive::ER_NOENT (integer)
No such file.
ZipArchive::ER_EXISTS (integer)
File already exists
ZipArchive::ER_OPEN (integer)
Can't open file
ZipArchive::ER_TMPOPEN (integer)
Failure to create temporary file.
ZipArchive::ER_ZLIB (integer)
Zlib error
ZipArchive::ER_MEMORY (integer)
Memory allocation failure
ZipArchive::ER_CHANGED (string)
Entry has been changed
ZipArchive::ER_COMPNOTSUPP (integer)
Compression method not supported.
ZipArchive::ER_EOF (integer)
Premature EOF
ZipArchive::ER_INVAL (integer)
Invalid argument
ZipArchive::ER_NOZIP (integer)
Not a zip archive
ZipArchive::ER_INTERNAL (integer)
Internal error
ZipArchive::ER_INCONS (integer)
Zip archive inconsistent
ZipArchive::ER_REMOVE (integer)
Can't remove file
ZipArchive::ER_DELETED (integer)
Entry has been deleted
ZipArchive::EM_NONE (integer)
No encryption. Available as of PHP 7.2.0 and PECL zip 1.14.0, respectively, if built against libzip ≥ 1.2.0.
ZipArchive::EM_AES_128 (integer)
AES 128 encryption. Available as of PHP 7.2.0 and PECL zip 1.14.0, respectively, if built against libzip ≥ 1.2.0.
ZipArchive::EM_AES_192 (integer)
AES 192 encryption. Available as of PHP 7.2.0 and PECL zip 1.14.0, respectively, if built against libzip ≥ 1.2.0.
ZipArchive::EM_AES_256 (integer)
AES 256 encryption. Available as of PHP 7.2.0 and PECL zip 1.14.0, respectively, if built against libzip ≥ 1.2.0.
Operating system constants for external attributes
ZipArchive::OPSYS_DOS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_AMIGA (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_OPENVMS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_UNIX (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_VM_CMS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_ATARI_ST (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_OS_2 (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_MACINTOSH (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_Z_SYSTEM (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_CPM (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_WINDOWS_NTFS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_MVS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_VSE (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_ACORN_RISC (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_VFAT (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_ALTERNATE_MVS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_BEOS (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_TANDEM (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_OS_400 (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_OS_X (integer)
ZipArchive::OPSYS_DEFAULT (integer)
Since PHP 5.6.0, PECL zip 1.12.4
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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

scott at bluecamel dot eml dot cc
11 years ago
#define ZIP_ER_OK             0  /* N No error */
#define ZIP_ER_MULTIDISK      1  /* N Multi-disk zip archives not supported */
#define ZIP_ER_RENAME         2  /* S Renaming temporary file failed */
#define ZIP_ER_CLOSE          3  /* S Closing zip archive failed */
#define ZIP_ER_SEEK           4  /* S Seek error */
#define ZIP_ER_READ           5  /* S Read error */
#define ZIP_ER_WRITE          6  /* S Write error */
#define ZIP_ER_CRC            7  /* N CRC error */
#define ZIP_ER_ZIPCLOSED      8  /* N Containing zip archive was closed */
#define ZIP_ER_NOENT          9  /* N No such file */
#define ZIP_ER_EXISTS        10  /* N File already exists */
#define ZIP_ER_OPEN          11  /* S Can't open file */
#define ZIP_ER_TMPOPEN       12  /* S Failure to create temporary file */
#define ZIP_ER_ZLIB          13  /* Z Zlib error */
#define ZIP_ER_MEMORY        14  /* N Malloc failure */
#define ZIP_ER_CHANGED       15  /* N Entry has been changed */
#define ZIP_ER_COMPNOTSUPP   16  /* N Compression method not supported */
#define ZIP_ER_EOF           17  /* N Premature EOF */
#define ZIP_ER_INVAL         18  /* N Invalid argument */
#define ZIP_ER_NOZIP         19  /* N Not a zip archive */
#define ZIP_ER_INTERNAL      20  /* N Internal error */
#define ZIP_ER_INCONS        21  /* N Zip archive inconsistent */
#define ZIP_ER_REMOVE        22  /* S Can't remove file */
#define ZIP_ER_DELETED       23  /* N Entry has been deleted */
ohcc at 163 dot com
4 years ago
0    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_OK     没有错误。
1    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_MULTIDISK    不支持多磁盘zip压缩包。
2    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_RENAME    重命名临时文件失败。
3    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_CLOSE    关闭zip压缩包失败。
4    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_SEEK    寻址错误
5    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_READ    读取错误
8    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_ZIPCLOSED    zip压缩包已关闭
10    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_EXISTS    文件已经存在
11    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_OPEN    不能打开文件
12    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_TMPOPEN    创建临时文件失败
13    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_ZLIB    Zlib错误
14    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_MEMORY    内存分配失败
15    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_CHANGED    条目已被改变
18    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_INVAL    无效的参数
19    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_NOZIP    不是一个zip压缩包
21    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_INCONS    Zip压缩包不一致
22    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_REMOVE    不能移除文件
23    ZIPARCHIVE::ER_DELETED    条目已被删除
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