YP/NIS Funkcje

Spis treści

  • yp_all — Traverse the map and call a function on each entry
  • yp_cat — Return an array containing the entire map
  • yp_err_string — Returns the error string associated with the given error code
  • yp_errno — Returns the error code of the previous operation
  • yp_first — Returns the first key-value pair from the named map
  • yp_get_default_domain — Fetches the machine's default NIS domain
  • yp_master — Returns the machine name of the master NIS server for a map
  • yp_match — Returns the matched line
  • yp_next — Returns the next key-value pair in the named map
  • yp_order — Returns the order number for a map
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mkirk at cs dot umn dot edu
15 years ago
more specifically, you can find the pecl extension here:


Only the download though. As of posting no documentation lives there.
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