Stałe predefiniowane

Poniższe stałe są zdefiniowane w tym rozszerzeniu i stają się dostępne, gdy rozszerzenie jest dokompilowane z PHP, lub załadowane dynamicznie przy starcie.

NIL (integer)
OP_DEBUG (integer)
OP_READONLY (integer)
Open mailbox read-only
OP_ANONYMOUS (integer)
Don't use or update a .newsrc for news (NNTP only)
OP_SILENT (integer)
OP_PROTOTYPE (integer)
OP_HALFOPEN (integer)
For IMAP and NNTP names, open a connection but don't open a mailbox.
OP_EXPUNGE (integer)
OP_SECURE (integer)
CL_EXPUNGE (integer)
silently expunge the mailbox before closing when calling imap_close()
FT_UID (integer)
The parameter is a UID
FT_PEEK (integer)
Do not set the \Seen flag if not already set
FT_NOT (integer)
FT_INTERNAL (integer)
The return string is in internal format, will not canonicalize to CRLF.
ST_UID (integer)
The sequence argument contains UIDs instead of sequence numbers
ST_SILENT (integer)
ST_SET (integer)
CP_UID (integer)
the sequence numbers contain UIDS
CP_MOVE (integer)
Delete the messages from the current mailbox after copying with imap_mail_copy()
SE_UID (integer)
Return UIDs instead of sequence numbers
SE_FREE (integer)
Don't prefetch searched messages
SO_FREE (integer)
SO_NOSERVER (integer)
SA_MESSAGES (integer)
SA_RECENT (integer)
SA_UNSEEN (integer)
SA_UIDNEXT (integer)
SA_ALL (integer)
This mailbox has no "children" (there are no mailboxes below this one).
This is only a container, not a mailbox - you cannot open it.
LATT_MARKED (integer)
This mailbox is marked. Only used by UW-IMAPD.
This mailbox is not marked. Only used by UW-IMAPD.
This container has a referral to a remote mailbox.
This mailbox has selectable inferiors.
This mailbox has no selectable inferiors.
SORTDATE (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): message Date
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): arrival date
SORTFROM (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): mailbox in first From address
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): message subject
SORTTO (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): mailbox in first To address
SORTCC (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): mailbox in first cc address
SORTSIZE (integer)
Sort criteria for imap_sort(): size of message in octets
TYPETEXT (integer)
Primary body type: unformatted text
Primary body type: multiple part
Primary body type: encapsulated message
Primary body type: application data
TYPEAUDIO (integer)
Primary body type: audio
TYPEIMAGE (integer)
Primary body type: static image
TYPEVIDEO (integer)
Primary body type: video
TYPEMODEL (integer)
Primary body type: model
TYPEOTHER (integer)
Primary body type: unknown
ENC7BIT (integer)
Body encoding: 7 bit SMTP semantic data
ENC8BIT (integer)
Body encoding: 8 bit SMTP semantic data
ENCBINARY (integer)
Body encoding: 8 bit binary data
ENCBASE64 (integer)
Body encoding: base-64 encoded data
Body encoding: human-readable 8-as-7 bit data
ENCOTHER (integer)
Body encoding: unknown
IMAP_GC_ELT (integer)
Garbage collector, clear message cache elements.
IMAP_GC_ENV (integer)
Garbage collector, clear envelopes and bodies.
IMAP_GC_TEXTS (integer)
Garbage collector, clear texts.
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