(PECL svn >= 0.1.0)

svn_lsReturns list of directory contents in repository URL, optionally at revision number


svn_ls ( string $repos_url [, int $revision_no = SVN_REVISION_HEAD [, bool $recurse = FALSE [, bool $peg = FALSE ]]] ) : array

This function queries the repository URL and returns a list of files and directories, optionally from a specific revision. This is equivalent to svn list $repos_url[@$revision_no]


This function does not work with working copies. repos_url must be a repository URL.



URL of the repository, eg. To access a local Subversion repository via filesystem, use the file URI scheme, eg. file:///home/user/svn-repos


Integer revision number to retrieve listing of. When omitted, the HEAD revision is used.


Enables recursion.

Zwracane wartości

On success, this function returns an array file listing in the format of:

[0] => Array
        [created_rev] => integer revision number of last edit
        [last_author] => string author name of last edit
        [size] => integer byte file size of file
        [time] => string date of last edit in form 'M d H:i'
                  or 'M d Y', depending on how old the file is
        [time_t] => integer unix timestamp of last edit
        [name] => name of file/directory
        [type] => type, can be 'file' or 'dir'
[1] => ...



Ta funkcja jest w stadium EKSPERYMENTALNYM. Oznacza to, że zachowanie funkcji, jej nazwa, w zasadzie wszystko udokumentowane tutaj może zostać zmienione w przyszłych wersjach PHP bez wcześniejszego uprzedzenia. Używaj tej funkcji na własne ryzyko.


Przykład #1 svn_ls() example

svn_ls('') );

Powyższy przykład wyświetli coś podobnego do:

    [0] => Array
            [created_rev] => 20
            [last_author] => Joe
            [size] => 0
            [time] => Apr 02 09:28
            [time_t] => 1175520529
            [name] => tags
            [type] => dir
    [1] => Array
            [created_rev] => 23
            [last_author] => Bob
            [size] => 0
            [time] => Apr 02 15:15
            [time_t] => 1175541322
            [name] => trunk
            [type] => dir

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User Contributed Notes 1 note

php thereatthe bluedream dotty tv
11 years ago
Be aware that the function will condition the path for you; do not do it yourself or you will have resulting errors.

Ex: that paths with spaces in them do NOT need the escaping slash
('file:///var/svn/myrepo/dirA/another dir'); //will work->happiness
svn_ls('file:///var/svn/myrepo/dirA/another\ dir'); //will fail
Warning: svn_ls(): svn error(s) occured 160013 (Filesystem has no item) URL 'file:///var/svn/myrepo/dirA/another\ dir' non-existent in that revision in file.php on line 42
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