(PHP 5 >= 5.6.0, PHP 7)

openssl_x509_fingerprintCalculates the fingerprint, or digest, of a given X.509 certificate


openssl_x509_fingerprint ( mixed $x509 [, string $hash_algorithm = "sha1" [, bool $raw_output = FALSE ]] ) : string

openssl_x509_fingerprint() returns the digest of x509 as a string.



Zobacz Parametry Klucza/Certyfikatu, aby zapoznać się z prawidłowymi wartościami.


The digest method or hash algorithm to use, e.g. "sha256", one of openssl_get_md_methods().


When set to TRUE, outputs raw binary data. FALSE outputs lowercase hexits.

Zwracane wartości

Returns a string containing the calculated certificate fingerprint as lowercase hexits unless raw_output is set to TRUE in which case the raw binary representation of the message digest is returned.

Returns FALSE on failure.

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nb at dland dot de
5 years ago
The manual is not constistent at this point. On one hand, it describes the return as digest/fingerprint of a cert, on the other hand it says:
bool openssl_x509_fingerprint( … )

On PHP 5.6.5, I only get the bool return (1 or 0).
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