(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5, PHP 7)

fbsql_num_rowsGet number of rows in result


fbsql_num_rows ( resource $result ) : int

Gets the number of rows in the given result set.

This function is only valid for SELECT statements. To retrieve the number of rows returned from a INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE query, use fbsql_affected_rows().



Identyfikator wyniku zwrócony przez fbsql_query() lub fbsql_db_query().

Zwracane wartości

Returns the number of rows returned by the last SELECT statement.


Przykład #1 fbsql_num_rows() example



$result fbsql_query("SELECT * FROM table1;"$link);
$num_rows fbsql_num_rows($result);

"$num_rows Rows\n";


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daggillies at yahoo dot com
19 years ago
Note that this function will not always return the actual size of a result set. For example, if you are doing a two-table join along the lines of "SELECT * FROM T1,T2 where T1.x=T2.x" you will get a result of -1. This is due to the 'lazy execution' model in FrontBase whereby result rows are only returned as you request them. If you absolutely have to have the number of rows in advance then you will have to use COUNT(*) first. Most of the time you do not need to know the exact number of rows; it is good enough to know if the size of the result set is non-zero.

David Gillies
San Jose
Costa Rica
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